Nose Waxing Kit by Kenashii and Gosso, the worlds best nasal waxing solution. Outside packaging showing handsome man, now proudly nose hair free.


Does your girlfriend have nose beard?

When she turns her head and a long strand of nasal hair catches the light does it make your heart soar like a hawk?

If not... Kenashii is for you.


Does your fella have nose beard?

Does it look like small creatures have burrowed up his nostrils, leaving only their bristly posteriors visible?

If so... Kenashii is for you.



You know that hair all up in your nostrils? That's good stuff that is, filters out particles and collects moisture. Sometimes it also grows in such abundance that it appears as an unsightly nasal bush that you could fashion into a secondary mustache and use to repel every human being you meet. You don't need that, you just need the hairs that are tucked right up in there, minding their own business and not repelling anyone.


You've tried that little machine for trimming nose hairs... and discovered that it kinda sucks and they just grow back even more bushy.


You've tried plucking your nasal hairs and discovered that they're somehow connected to your tear ducts and pulling them out makes you cry like a little girl (don't worry we wont tell anyone).


Kenashii is the answer you have secretly been praying for.

Using specially formulated nasal waxing wax and specially designed nasal waxing sticks you can safely and quickly remove that nose beard.


Sounds like it might hurt like hell though right? You'd be surprised, its almost completely PAINLESS. In fact most people find it far less painful than plucking and whats more it is enormously satisfying.


We've summarized everything below in really loud titles:

Kenashii Nasal Waxing is quick, easy, painless and enormously satisfying

*Results vary. Increased attractiveness not guaranteed.

I really want Kenashii in my life! But how do I wax my nose beard?


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