Oh boy this was a blast. We received a ton of entries and going through them had us crying with laughter.

However, as we learned from the greatest movie film ever made: there can be only one.

They were referring to immortals who chopped each others heads off for the ultimate prize of becoming mortal. Which, come to think of it, seems like a bit of a crap prize.

We, on the other hand, are talking about people who took the Kenashii challenge and transformed their nostrils into beautiful hairless works of art to compete for the ultimate prize of a 10 NIGHT TRIP TO JAPAN.


AND that first prize goes to a man who through some kind of divine majik summoned the raw beast spirit power of Kenashii and produced this video...


*we stuck the music on ourselves.


At Kenashii we're about making the world a better place, one nostril at a time.

We selected 40 of the best competition entries and we'll be giving a trio of Nasal Waxing Kits to each of them.


A HUGE HUGE thank you goes out to all those who entered, you made our year far more entertaining that you can know. You are all beautiful people, and thanks to Kenashii, you're now double beautiful.


Below you will find a selection of brave souls who took the Kenashii Challenge...


IMPORTANT: Do not put a firework up your nose. Always follow instructions. Pull fast and you'll experience very little pain; much, MUCH less than plucking. Grip & R.I.P nasal hair, you'll be fine.